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18 July 2011 @ 11:30 pm
~Finding a loophole in an Alpha order~ [Chapter Four]  

Title: Finding a loophole in an Alpha order

Author: Lacrymosa_91

Fandom: Twilight

Pairing: Jacob/Paul/Jared; Jacob/Paul

Rating: NC-17 ~ M

Beta-ed by: the wonderful ReluctantOptimist

Declaimer: I do not own any of the recognizable characters, plots or conceptions of Twilight, unfortunately. They belong to Stephenie Meyer.

Summary: Jared learns from first hand that Jacob has amasing talent for finding ways around Alpha orders, especially when he has Paul as motivation.

For all chapters: Chapter listing


Week Three

Heat….. unbearable, scorching, all consuming and swallowing him whole. His whole body is burning in fire…. fire that fills him from the inside and envelops him in a tight, corrupting and heated embrace.

His eyes are squeezed shut, but he doesn't need his vision. He just needs to feel, to sink into the addicting, tantalizing and fervid jumble of sensations.

The feeling is so intense that Jared can't breathe, he feels like he is going to suffocate at any moment… but the strange thing is that he doesn't need air… not now… now he just needs more…more of the scorching and corrupting pleasure that paralyzes his whole body and makes him pant and quiver all over.

"J-Jay…" Hot, moist breath tickles his ear and a shiver runs down Jared's spine. "…J-Jared…"

He recognizes the voice, Jared knows that voice all too well but he has never heard it tremble and shake that way, not with such a needy and begging tone.

Warm insistent and demanding hands roam all over his body, caressing, fondling, stroking and rubbing and Jared feels so lightheaded and dazed that any coherent thought inside his head fades before it has had the chance to actually cross his mind.

His loins are burning, his guts clenching in numbing pleasure and ecstasy and Jared is sinking into a blissful, shimmering stupor, drowning in gluttony laced abyss of never ending contentment.

He can't stop the heartfelt moan that slips past his lips and he isn't even trying. A hot tongue flickers softly against the side of his neck, leaving moist trails of saliva over his heated skin and he whimpers softly, relishing in the tickling and teasing sensation.

"He likes it, babe… damn he likes it…" A husky, gruff and thick with arousal chuckle echoes from somewhere on his left and he flinches when his hips are gripped in a firm yet not too tight grip.

"J-Jacob?" He barely manages to gasp out when the feeling becomes more intense, almost overwhelming. His whole body starts trembling and jerking, the heat gradually swallowing him whole. Jared is enveloped, squeezed and crushed by it and at the same time it fills him from the inside, floods his senses and overtakes his body and mind with such immense force that he can't even try to comprehend it. The sensation is unlike anything he had ever experienced before. It is so intense and corrupting that it almost borders with pain.

"It feels so good, doesn't it Jay?"

Jared just whines as his whole body gradually succumbs to the feeling, he lets himself sink into it, Paul's soft voice calming and comforting him, easing him into a sweet stupor.

"Just like that…. You see… you like it…..Jared… Jared… "Paul calls his name and Jared can neither agree nor deny it, his mind is just too far gone.

"Jared…. Jared…. Jared….."

"Jared! … Jared? Come on, man!" A harsh voice coming from somewhere on his left pulls him out of his warm, comfortable and alluring dreamland. "Jared! WAKE UP!"

Jared startles from the harsh shout, his eyes snapping open as he groans faintly and covers his face with his hands. The light coming from the window is so bright that it blinds him and makes him squeeze his eyes shut again.

"Finally! I thought that you were dead or something!"

"Paul? What the fuck do you want?" Jared grumbles and buries himself under the soft covers as he recognizes the voice of the intruder who has woken him up so rudely.

Somebody might call the fact that the real Paul has chased away the Paul from his dream ironical, but Jared feels so sleepy and languid that he simply prefers not to think too much about it at the moment.

"Seriously! I bet that you can sleep through an earthquake without even stirring!" Paul exults as he pushes at Jared's shoulder and huffs in irritation. "Come on, Jared! It's ten o'clock in the morning! You need to—"

"Fuck off!" Jared growls as he presses his face against the pillow and pulls the covers tighter around himself. "I don't care! Just leave me alone! I wanna sleep!"

"We got to go on patrol!" Paul growls as he pushes at his friend's shoulder again, this time more firmly.

"No we don't! My shift is in the evening!"

"Well, there was a change in plans!" Paul groans as he takes hold of the blanket wrapped around his pack brother and starts pulling at it. "You and I have to take the morning shift, and Sam and Quil are taking the evening one."

"Leave me the fuck alone!" Jared growls through clenched teeth. He grows irritated as his fingers grip at the blanket tighter when Paul tries to pull it off of him.

Paul roars, fed up as his jaw clenches and his brows furrow in a thoughtful scowl. He doesn't have all day to deal with Jared's moods or whims, they were already late by almost an hour. If Jared refuses to leave the bed then he would have to make him.

"Okay, then…. if you are going to act like a six year old, then I have no other choice but to join you and do the same!"

Before Jared can react or comprehend the meaning of Paul's words he finds himself pressed against the mattress by his friend's weight as Paul jumps on top of him and pins him to the bed.

"Paul, what the fuck…."

"Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!" Paul chants as he bounces on top of Jared and pokes him in the sides, pulls at the blankets, and ruffles Jared's hair. "Come on, Jay! It's time to leave the bed!"

Jared grunts as he flinches from the teasing jabs in his ribs and tries to push Paul's hands away as his body twists and jerks in desperate attempts to push the other boy off of him.

But Paul is persistent, he doesn't pull away or give up, he does just the opposite. He bounces harder on top of Jared and erupts in fits of laughter when his best friend lets out an indignant and annoyed squeak.

"Come on, Jay!"

Jared just groans as he shifts in the bed again and finds himself on his back, with Paul straddling his hips and poking him in the ribs.

"Paul, stop it!"

Paul just chuckles at the funny expression on Jared's face and bounces again on top of his friend. And that was the moment Jared realizes it; the moment when Jared becomes painfully aware of the sticky wetness staining his underwear and groin.

His eyes widen as images from the dream he has had just a few minutes ago suddenly rush into his head – it had been so intense, so overwhelming…so corrupting. This time, Jared hadn't just woken up with an erection, definitely not just an erection… this time he had come in his pants. His boxers were soaked with the undeniable evidence of his little dirty secret.

But that is not the worst. The worst is that Paul is currently bouncing in his lap and acting— as he has said in his own words—like a six year old kid. Paul laughs and snickers as he rocks and twists on top of Jared without suspecting anything; so blissfully unaware of what he is actually doing to his friend.

Jared bites at his bottom lip roughly and squeezes his eyes shut when he feels himself slowly hardening. He could feel Paul so clearly through the thin fabric of the blanket. He could feel the warmth of his heated skin, the soft firmness of the luscious flesh of Paul's bottom pressed unmistakably against his groin.

The arousal that swallows him is almost unbearable, the temptation overwhelming and torturing. It's strangely ironic that Jared, someone who had no rights over Paul, was actually able touch him if he wanted to. Unlike Jacob, Jared could just reach out and grab what he so desperately wanted. There aren't restrictions and powers that could cage his will and hold him back besides his own conscience and prudence. He isn't held back by an Alpha order like Jacob, Jared knows that he can touch, kiss, hold and… take everything he so craves for and that simple fact inflames the desire inside him even more.

"Paul, don't! You don't know what you are doing!"

"Oh, come on! You even won't fight back? You're too sleepy to put up a real fight, huh Jay!"

Jared groans brokenly through clenched teeth and Paul just giggles down at him as he shifts again in his lap and tries to pull the blanket out of his friend's grasp. Jared barely manages to stifle the quiet, tortured moan that wants to slip past his lips.

"Please, Paul…."

And then Paul does something he shouldn't have, he does something that shatters what is left of Jared's self control and reasoning. Paul's palms press flat against the other boy's bare chest as he leans forward, a mischievous grin grazing his lips. Jared feels how his whole body completely freezes and a numbing shudder runs down his spine when Paul's hot breath grazes his ear.

"Did you just beg me?" He whispers teasingly and Jared feels how every single word crawls over his skin in light, lewd and shaking shivers. "You are yielding so quickly? What a shame, Jay!"

Paul wiggles in his lap again as he tries to straighten up but that simple movement proves to be enough to unleash Jared's barely contained till now raw instinct to ravish and take. He just can't contain himself any longer no matter how hard he tries.

It is just too much. Paul is too close and the fact that Jared knows that he can actually have him just kills and crushes his inhibitions, previous intentions and resistance. Jared is painfully hard at the moment and it is a pure miracle that Paul hasn't felt his erection already.

Paul manages only to gasp in shock when strong hands grip at his wrists and his world suddenly spins as he finds himself pinned under Jared and pressed against the mattress.

Jared pins his hands on either side of his head and Paul just gapes slightly and tries to wiggle out weakly. He definitely hadn't expected that move. Jared has caught him completely off guard and now Paul is the one trapped between his friend's body and the bed.

They have scuffled and scrambled thousands of times before, they have been sparring for fun since they were seven years old. It is something completely normal and usual for them, or so it should be. But somehow this time things are different—very, very different.

Paul huffs in fake exasperation and laughs shortly. He almost expects Jared to chuckle smugly and announce "Pinned ya!", but he doesn't. And suddenly Paul realizes that whatever is going on is definitely not just a game anymore. Jared's serious face and stern drawn features show undoubtedly that he is not playing or joking.

Slowly but surely Paul's grin melts away from his face, his mouth falling slightly open as he stares up at his best friend's serious face.

He almost gasps when his eyes meet Jared's dark, brown orbs. Jared's eyes are so dark that they look more black than brown as he stares down at Paul, a low groan escaping his lips as he inhales deeply and closes his eyes briefly.

"J-Jared…?" Paul stutters as he wiggles slightly in the other boy's grasp wanting to hint to him to let him go, but the grip on his wrists only intensifies as Jared presses him harder against the mattress.

Paul gulps as he bites at his lip and Jared's eyes follow the movement of his friend's bobbing Adam's apple hungrily, and intently. His gaze slides over Paul's body; from the taut, slender muscles of the boy's bare chest to the tight, ripped abs and slim, narrow hips. Jared can feel him, he can feel the warmth and the softness of his silky skin, the uneven and fast heartbeat that throbs inside Paul's ribcage. His nostrils flare slightly as he inhales Paul's scent deeply, and unconsciously he leans forward until his face is in mere inches away from the other boy's.

"Okay I got ya, Jared! You win!" Paul whispers as he stares up at his friend and furrows his brows. "There's no need to…"

Paul's warm breath ghosts over his lips and makes Jared's mouth water as he gulps lightly. He is almost losing it, his control crumbling with every passing second, with every little move or expression the other boy makes. Paul's lips look so soft, so succulent and inviting and Jared finds himself leaning closer and closer until the tip of his nose brushes against his friend's softly.

Paul's gasps sharply, his breath hitching in his throat at the action, and Jared finds himself inhaling choppily. His mind is screaming at him to stop, to come to his senses but he can't. It's like he is looking from aside and his body is set to autopilot, his urges and hunger dictating him what to do.

But the strangest thing is that Paul is not doing anything to stop him. He is staying completely silent and still, his body slowly relaxing under the other boy's as he inhales deeply when Jared presses their foreheads together.

Paul is not resisting him, not fighting it or trying to push him away and Jared doesn't know if he should feel relieved or horrified from that fact. He knows that what he is doing is wrong but his lust induced body has a different opinion. He just can't take it any longer. The need to taste Paul's lips becomes almost overwhelming as his grip around the boy's wrists loosens slightly.

The tip of Paul's tongue peeks out to moisten his lips in an anxious, nervous fashion, and that is the last straw…

Jared doesn't care what will happen next, all he knows is, in that exact moment, he needs to kiss Paul, to kiss him, now. He needs to taste those lips, the lips that have been filling his dreams every single night for the past couple of weeks.

And just when he leans forward in order to close the little distance between them a loud and clear shout echoes somewhere from out of the window.

"Jared! I am going to the town for some shopping! I'll be back in a few hours!" Jared's mother calls from outside and he can hear the crunching of the gravel under her feet as she makes her way to her car. "Your breakfast is on the kitchen table, honey!"

For a couple of seconds he stills, frozen. Then he jerks his head back and shakes it lightly as he closes his eyes. His mother's voice had proved enough to pull him out of his temporary stupor.

Jared forces himself to open his eyes, only to find himself facing a very puzzled and nervous Paul, who is staring at him with wide and confused hazel eyes…soft, fast pants leaving his lips.

And suddenly all the desire, lust and need filling Jared's being was replaced by crushing guilt and shame. He can't do that….not to his best friend… not to Paul...

Paul swallows thickly and shifts slightly under him as he opens his mouth to say something and Jared inhales deeply. He feels himself shaking slightly, the thought of what he was about to do making him feel sick with himself….making him feel like a traitor…

Jared finally releases Paul's wrists and pulls away from the other boy with a jerking movement.

"J-Jared…?" Paul mumbles hesitantly but Jared just grabs the blanket and wraps it tightly around his waist as he leaves the bed.

Without saying a word, Jared strides quickly to the bathroom and slams the door shut behind him. Paul flinches slightly from the sound.

Paul props himself on his elbows quickly and stares at the door of the bathroom, bemusement engorging every sense of his body, a thousand questions rushing through his mind.

What the fuck just happened?


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Lunarialunariab on July 19th, 2011 04:05 pm (UTC)
Argh. The tension is almost unbearable. You're crazy good at capturing that perfect atmosphere in scenes like this. Wonderful job and I can't wait for the next installment!
lacrymosa_91: A bashful smile :Dlacrymosa_91 on July 20th, 2011 09:49 am (UTC)
Thank you!!! :)) I am happy that you like it! I will try to update soon! :)

Thanks for commenting!
termonetorxtermonetorx on October 27th, 2011 08:29 am (UTC)
Love the story so far but why do parents always ruin good moments
lacrymosa_91lacrymosa_91 on October 28th, 2011 07:00 pm (UTC)
Thank you for the comment! I am happy that you like what you read! :)))